Loft Design System

As a design lead for a design system, my role involves maintaining and improving the system to ensure that it is effective and efficient for designers and developers. This includes defining design standards, creating and updating design assets and components, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure that the design system is consistently applied across the organization.

Responsibilities Included: Design Lead, Product Management, Art Direction

Maintaining a Design System

One of the main challenges with maintaining a design system is ensuring that it is consistently applied across an organization. This requires ongoing communication and collaboration with designers and developers, as well as regular updates to the design system to reflect changes in business needs and design trends. Another challenge is balancing the need for flexibility and adaptability with the need for consistency and efficiency.

Clean and Effective Figma UI Kit

As the UI kit is used by multiple designers, it is important to establish clear guidelines for naming conventions, organization, and usage of components to prevent confusion and ensure that the kit is easy to use. This requires regular maintenance and updates to the UI kit, as well as ongoing communication with the design team to identify areas for improvement.

Design System Standards and Roadmaps

As part of my role as a design lead, I worked closely with development to publish design system standards and build a design system roadmap. This involved defining the design standards and guidelines for the organization, as well as creating a roadmap for the development and implementation of the design system. I also worked with the development team to ensure that the design system was properly integrated into their workflow and to address any technical challenges that arose. By collaborating with development, we were able to create a comprehensive design system that met the needs of both designers and developers.

Industrial Quoting

Building a two-sided marketplace for industrial buyers to work with manufacturing suppliers

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IPA Can Series

Illustrating and designing an IPA can series for a craft brewery located in Lexington, KY.

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